Sharing Foods and Recipes

Is there a way for couples or others to share foods and recipes?


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    The Forum Software can allow for file attachments w/your post IF the Moderator will activate this feature for Forum Members. We just need Aaron to approve this idea.

    Then anyone that wants to share can Export their JSON files from saved recipes (these could be recipes or custom food lists <-just save as recipe name), and these JSON could be then be shared with other Forum Members. Just upload your exported JSON file as a file attachment to your post with description what it is your sharing on the Cronometer Forum.

    Then anyone could download your JSON file to try out your recipes, food lists, or other food ideas, etc.

    Let's do this! B)

  • Hi @BobG

    You can share recipes with other users since you are gold. All you have to do is go to the Profile tab and find the sharing section and click on add friend. if you type in the email address of the account you want to share with, they will get an invite from you the next time you log in. Once they accept it, each of you will be able to search all the custom foods and recipes both have created.

    Hope that helps!


    Spencer D.
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  • Are both users required to be gold to share a recipe? If I'm gold, can I share it with my wife who is using the basic, or does she need to be gold as well?

  • Hi Smed,

    Only one of you needs a Gold subscription to add a friend. Then you can both share custom foods and recipes.

    Karen Stark
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