both of my fitness devices are not working properly in CM

Today 7/11/19 I have a sleep duration in my diary from my Garmin device, when I did not even DL any data from it for a few days. Flakey as heck to say the least...

The Oura ring never ever connects and if it did the info IMHO is useless. I know how long I slept. What I want to know if deep and REM sleep durations.

The software in also lacking in that, as far as I know, if you ever do get this fixed, it will not go back and pick up the literally months of data that it has not collected.

It would be nice to see things fixed that do not work before you go on to more features that do not work properly.

FWIW This was brought on by my losing 312 important files transferred from a thumb drive to my HD because MS windows after 20 freaking years and tons of non stop new features STILL can not transfer files that have long path names. The only way around it is a $100 utility or to load up Linux and both handle it with ease. I hate to see CM go down the same path the MS has chosen. Please make things work correctly..... and don't add new features until you do. I hope that like MS we do not still have these bugs after 20 years....

Thanks in advance

Joe Tittiger
Seymour MO
joe ATT Tittiger DOTT com

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