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  • Ozzy

    I purchased mine from Amazon with the search ketone breath when an item showed up saying blood alcohol meter and ketone meter, I bought it, I hate single purpose gadgets. It was relatively cheap $20 something. Being shipped from China it did not quite get to me in two days more like 3 weeks. I did test its accuracy with alcohol and from my body weight and quantity drank it seemed accurate. I just blew into it and read .05 which will get you thrown in jail in Colorado and I have not drank any alcohol this year or eaten for that matter. For a cheep constant check I like it, quantity of ketones is just not available but as long as I am still in ketosis then I am happy.

    I have no idea if the cops use higher quality BAC meters but I am not going to take the chance. For anybody who reads this if you get arrested when you are keto take the blood test not the breath test.

    January 13
    • tittiger
      Thanks for the clarification Ozzie...

      I have observed that breath can say that I am deep in ketosis while blood says that I am not. OR breath says that I am not in ketosis and blood says that I am. Sometimes they both say I am in ketosis and sometimes the both say I am not.

      Is there even a definition of what breath concentrations constituite ketosis?

      I am more than a little disappointed that there don't seem to be any really knowledgeable people in this area, in this forum. If I were not so swamped I would research and read until I got the answers myself , but life is crazy and then some right now.

      I feel compelled to double check my breath by spending $1 to test my blood at least once a day. This lack of knowledge is costing me.

      My hunch is that one could be in ketosis burning either type of ketone body and that my body may flip between the 2. Just an educated guess for now.
      Take care Ozzie.
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  • Do I get a raise or something? :-)

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      No, but you do get 'Points'! Check out the leader boards here: https://forums.cronometer.com/activity
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