Glucose & Ketone units that stick would be nice

Just discovered that the software here has trashed at least the past few days of glucose and ketone readings. As careful as I am they go by me. Perhaps being on the 9th day of a fast has a little to do with it. I identified this issue what seems like a year ago and it has actually gotten worse. Much worse over that year.

Anyhow I think the right think to do for CM would be to write a short DB script that could be run that would convert all of the diary biometric units to what the client desires.

If you can't fix this after a year at least provide a way to fix the issue. I am really trying to stick by CM during this growth period but I am becoming disguited and discouraged both.

If you lack resources perhaps you need to focus on the important stuff. Like data integrity.


Joe Tittiger
Seymour MO
joe ATT Tittiger DOTT com

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