How to input restaurant or fast food options?

I am on the ketogenic diet and just switched from Carb Manager app a few days ago. I stopped at Wendy's for a plain, bunless double stack and I cannot find a way to add this or any other entry like it. Any suggestions on how to do add foods that you cannot scan or anything? My only viable alternative seems to be to create custom recipes and then add it to my diary? Thanks in advance.


  • You can try adding an entry for a burger and then add also a negative serving for the bun! You can learn more here:

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  • Ok, so help us out & explain how that works! The link doesn't give us anything more than what you say here - so I have two questions. 1. How the devil do you enter a negative amount of something? 2. How in the world do you find the nutritional info for a bun? For instance, if I get a Jimmy John's Gargantuan Unwhich, I need to add the regular sandwich, and then a negative serving of the bun - right? But if I search "Jimmy John's Bun", I just get a massive list of every Jimmy John's sandwich with a bun.

  • Hi @leeputmanjr you can enter a negative serving size by entering a negative symbol (-) before the number when entering a serving size. If you are using the mobile app, note that different device types/ keyboards have different ways of displaying the negative symbol.
    Each restaurant may not have a single bun included in their listings. I would recommend using a generic (lab analysed) listing for a bun to enter the negative serving size. Choose the option that is the closest approximate to your food! Let me know if you have more questions - happy to help :)

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  • If I'm understanding this functionality correctly, it really isn't useful. The user is expected to do all of the research on each ingredient they want excluded. The program should really automate this for the restaurant food item chosen. As in, choose the hambuger, click something such as "Remove ingredients", select the ones to remove, such as "bun" or "pickle", and then save. Automating this would be extremely helpful. Without that I suspect most Cronometer users will derive little benefit.
    -- Adding: I know there are some restaurant sites where you can check on a sandwich and then remove ingredients to see the calorie changes. I would think that for those restaurants that don't provide this tool, their databases have this information but choose not to provide it to the public. For example, they know the calories in a bun, so they could do the math and show the burger without the bun. It would be so helpful if Cronometer advertised that they need to pull in these kind of databases, thus putting pressure on restaurants or fast food places, to provide it.

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