Broccoli Sprouts and Cacao Nibs

Broccoli Sprouts: In CRDB these look like an incredible powerhouse of stuff like Vitamin E and selenium, both of which I have trouble hitting on a vegetarian (almost exclusively vegan) diet. But I am a doubting Thomas and have not been able to find reliable information online to confirm. It almost sounds too good to be true, so I am wondering, where did Cronometer get it and if it's verified?

Cacao Nibs: There is barely any nutrients data in any of the entries I have found in CRDB. I know for a fact that cacao nibs are a rather good source of selenium, for instance, but there is not a single entry which lists it. USDA has full information on raw cocoa powder, but that's has a bit of a different ratio of nutrients and considerably less fat Do you have a good, reliable source for nutritional data for cacao nibs?


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    Thanks, Hilary.

    Unfortunately, the link doesn't address my questions.

    On Broccoli Sprouts, there are two entries ("Broccoli Seeds, Sprouted" and Broccoli Sprouts, Raw") and the data for both is user-generated ( CRDB) The data supporting reference is a dead link (and a dead domain):

    My question was, how was it verified by your staff, since there is nothing I can find anywhere which support the seemingly too good to be true claims, especially about Vitamin E content?

    Speaking of user generated content, I have gone through the trouble of entering several items, with clear label images and support, but while a couple were approved virtually instantaneously, the rest are still just for my use. I am referring to items like:

    • Revly Vegan Nutritional Yeast Non-Fortified (Amazon's brand)
    • Swanson Alpha GPC
    • Frontier Powdered Olive Leaf - certified organic
    • Puritan's Pride Timed Release B-12 1000mcg
    • Source Naturals vitamin D3 1000mg
    • Black Gram (Black Urad or vigna mungo beans)) (Organic)
    • NOW Vitamin K2 (MK-4)
  • Hello @Blobo ,
    Yes, looks like you are right; we do not have any broccoli sprouts listed in our database from one of our lab analysed sources. I will look into finding a lab analysed entry for this.
    Entries from CRDB are branded entries verified by our staff by cross referencing with manufacturer information. If you find a mistake, please report an issue

    We enter user submitted foods daily. We are a small team and try to get to everyones submissions! Some submissions may be rejected if label information is not verifiable (ie. blurry picture, and/or no online information). If they haven't been rejected, be assured they are in our queue and we process more foods every day!

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