Print Report - continuous rather than 1 day to each page?

I'm printing my diary for my doctor and each day is on a separate sheet. Is there a way to have the information listed continuously, without starting each day on a new page. I looked in settings and did not see an option. thanks!


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    In case I wasn't clear: I printed my diary and each day is printed on a page of it's own. Is there a way to print so that there is not so much space between the days?

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    Hi @Anonymoose2 you can export your sevings into a spreadsheet format. This might be a cleaner option for you! Export your servings by going to Settings > Account then scroll down to account data and choose Export Data

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    Thanks, Hilary. No, that doesn't work for me. I want the doctor to be able to see what I ate and my biometrics and notes. The regular Report is perfect, it's just there is a lot of wasted paper with each day on a separate sheet. One day finishes on the first line of page 2 so there's almost a whole empty page. Thank you, anyway.

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