I'm new on Cronometer. I've tried a few different apps, but none i've tried other than Cronometer show such detailed nutrient information. I want to know exactly what i'm eating, and what I need more of/need less of.

Anyway, I had a Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Sandwhich for lunch (yum), but this has, according to Cronometer, given me 0% Omega-3. Can this be right? I'm no Nutritionist, but I could swear that Oily fish like Salmon was one of the main sources for this.

Have I entered something wrong, or is there an issue with the databse?



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    Hello @Zimmy77 ,

    It sounds like you might be adding a brand name product to your diary!

    If you want to get omega-3 values, I would recommend using our generic entry for ''Salmon, Smoked'', which is sourced from the NCCDB and has a complete nutrient profile.

    The best way to get the most nutrition information is to use our most comprehensive database - the NCCDB. By performing text-based searches when adding foods and then using the "Common" tab most whole foods can be found under the NCCDB which lists many, many more vitamins and minerals in their nutrient profiles.

    I suggest taking a look at this blog as it should help you navigate Cronometer to it's fullest capabilities to enable you to obtain more accurate information on both macro and micronutrients.



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