Change grams to ounces

Is there a setting I can change to make the unit of measure ounces is dead of grams? Thanks for your help


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    I came here for this question, too. I know for the most part I can do the conversion in my head, but it seems such a simple multiplier that it should be a default option.

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    If you have added a custom food with a gram value as a serving size, or are using one of our database foods with a gram value in the serving size you should find an ounce option in the drop down menu!

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    I am really growing weary of having to constantly convert grams into measures. Just loading one recipe into Cronometer took ONE HOUR. Some ingredients have the full display mentioned by Hillary but increasingly the majority of ingredients do not. So everything we measure out we then have to weigh to get the grams. Kind of tedious and also very inconsistent.

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