Allow user to multi-add Biometrics to diary

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Please add the option "allow multi-add Biometrics to diary". In the morning I record my weight, pulse, mood, systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure all at once. It would be excellent to have the ability to enter all those metrics in at the same time. Currently the app has the functionality to allow multi-add foods which has made it so much more convenient. I need that exact same functionality with biometrics.




  • Absolutely! Putting in my sys/dia numbers is SUCH a pain in the ass. This should be a simple popup asking for two values. Easy.

  • Thanks for the request! I've passed this along to our design team!

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    Thank you very much. I think this request makes perfect sense. This will add great value to the user. Right now you can multi select foods when adding to the diary; however, the same functionality does not exist when you add biometrics. Many users including myself track multiple biometrics each day. Today I added several biometrics and each time I added each metric I had to go in and out of the add screen. This takes a lot of time and effort and it is very inconvenient. Hope to see this new functionality in the next roll out. Thanks for all your hard work and effort.


  • I actually logged on to request this. Another option, since phone screen real estate is a premium, would be to allow marking biometrics as "defaults" which would then automagically appear in your diary every morning. It's much easier to edit them than add as new. Either way would be good for me.

  • I just searched for this feature and found this existing request. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this an option.... There are biometrics I add daily and I add multiple measurements weekly, it would be SUCH a time saver to be able to add these all simultaneously, also because the time and category would only have to be edited once.

  • Hi @BrandyGetsFit thanks for the request - its on our radar and we hope to see even more improvements to the add biometric feature!
    Int he meantime, to make things quicker, you can try copy and pasting your biometrics from day to day, then editing them to reflect the current day's measurements.

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  • Thanks for the tip, I’ll give that a shot.

  • Perhaps a recipe of biometrics?

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