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Hello everyone, I try to make my own bread and when Iuse customized recipe here it calculates the total weight of all ingredients but the actual total weight when bread cooked is different from the cronometer calculation and many recipes also this way .I am so confused please help me.Thanx a lot


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    You run into the same thing with soup or sauce or anytime there is significant weight loss in the cooking process. Others may have better ways of handling this but what I do is:

    1. Select "servings based"; not "weight based."
    2. Where it says Nutrients in: Change "servings" to "ounce" or "gram".
    3. Weigh the baked loaf and change "servings per recipe" to the weight of the loaf in ounces or grams.
    4. Weigh the bread I eat in ounces or grams and enter that in the diary.

    Else I might:

    1. Select "servings based"; not "weight based."
    2. Where it says Nutrients in: Change "servings" to "slice".
    3. Slice the baked loaf as evenly as possible and change "servings per recipe" to the number of slices.
    4. Enter the number of slices in the diary.

    Either way, when you are done, whatever you changed "servings" to, after Nutrients In: it will say "whatever - x grams" where x = the actual weight in grams of all the ingredients you entered divided by the number of servings.
    So I often end up with:
    Nutrients in 1 ounce - 43 grams.
    Well, we know that 1 ounce is 28 grams but if you just ignore that everything works hunky-dory.

    Finally remember, I'm no expert in anything so if none of this makes any sense to you, just ignore it and do something different.

    "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants." Michael Pollan

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    Your article is so useful for us,thanks for sharing. Good stuff!

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    I have two custom foods that I use to adjusted cooked weight of recipes if I want to make a weight based recipe. If all my ingredients have water content listed, I assume the weight loss is exclusively evaporated water and deduct Pure Water to make the calculated weight match the final cooked weight. Otherwise I use a custom food with absolutely no nutrients listed to adjust the weight.

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