Diarrhea and Vomiting (sorry)

Sorry about this.
But it has a huge impact on all these numbers. I'm gonna be going thru Chemo soon and I'm currently having trouble finding foods that will help keep me stable because I'm losing them in the toilet. I need to be able to record that I lost everything from my last meal + liquids.

Obviously I know that I need to figure out why this is happening, so no need to tell me that. All I do all day, every day is try and stabilize my Keto diet in prep for Chemo. But it'd be helpful if the program reflected reality on this point.

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    Hi @GKI_1
    I would recommend entering the items in your diary as a positive value serving size, and then re-entering them with a negative serving size afterwards, so you can still keep track of them.
    Alternatively you can enter them in your diary only once with a serving size of 0.

    You could also track the times which you did not keep your food down by entering Diarrhea and/or vomiting as a custom Biometric in your diary along with the foods. Then, you can chart this biometric against your nutrient intake for your day (Gold feature).

    Best of luck with the Chemo! We are rooting for you! <3

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    @GKI_1 if you aren't using the Gold, you could also add a note to add descriptors about other health markers


  • Quite An odd request lol ;) I wish you the best!

  • Thank you, Hilary!
    Very helpful.
    I won't be able to afford Gold, but I've been figuring things out fairly well so far on the Free Version. Entering a negative amount is a neat trick! Who knew?

  • Yes!
    Thank you, Hilary!
    I am making alot of use on the notes. I use them to time-stamp when I eat and such. It would be easy enuf to add more metrics. If I can't track it on a graph, I can at least track down possible reasons why I feel good or feel like crap.

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