Where Are My "Keto for Cancer" Peeps At?

Is there a group for folks going thru Cancer that are using Cron to help with their diets? Keto in particular? I need support and I'm sure they do too.

I would like to leverage every resource I can find to do the Press & Pulse Protocols. For humans, it's all still locked up behind the laboratory doors, but I'm trying to hack in and do what I can on my own. I'm not expecting endorsement of my strategy from Cronometer. I'm hoping for help & support from other users who want to do the same thing and or similar.

I live in Sacramento County, btw. Califorina.
Anyone else local?



  • I was diagnosed w DCIS in January. Did a ketogenic diet through Dr. Annette Bosworth and her book "Anyway You Can". I also did the Rife machine. June 25 Thermography screenings reveal no tumor, calcifications, or any indication of cancer. Keto works! 20g of carbs or less. Dr. Thomas Seiyfried also helps brain tumors shrink w keto...like 10g or less of carbs. Prayers to you....

  • That is a Blessing
    Did you have special settings and targets in cronometer


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