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I need some assistance. I have a client who has had gastric bi-pass. She is still wanting to lose weight and I am looking to prepare a program for her. Does anyone have any experience with how a ketogenic diet works, (or if it doesn't), with someone who has had gastric bi-pass surgery. Your input would be greatly appreciated.


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    I think it's important for your client to be followed by her gastric surgery team while following a keto diet. I have worked as Registered Dietitian with clients pre and post bariatric surgery and their nutrient needs are very specific, with a real risk for malnutrition.

    Bloodwork every 3-6 months would be essential to ensure that your client is meeting all nutrients and not losing muscle mass as a result of malnutrition.

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    @Fitbiz1 I had bypass. I have had family now and friends follow me down that road too, so I have seen a lot. Thankfully we all went through an awesome program with a local hospital that prepared you for it and you had to prep your foods before surgery, etc. I don't know how long ago they had it..? but if right away, they should be doing the minimal food starts with 1TBS at the beginning and always always PROTEIN first. but if they are within 4 months of having the surgery they should really have gotten this info from their doctor. Essentially, my DR gave us a low-carb diet to follow RNY. Also to note, NO drinking anything while you eat. ..but they should know this.
    But I have known a few people that after the years weight starts to creep on as bad habits reform. (myself included) so many have turned back to low carb or keto to help with the extra pounds put on. Works awesome!

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    Although it has been a long time since it was posted maybe some use the search engine. Keto is okay for gastric sleeve buy not gastric bypass according to some experts. The higher fat content in keto diets can increase risk of gallbladder issues. Dr. Weiner bariatric doctors in Tucson, AZ is a reasonable bariatric surgeon wanting patients to eat whole food and mainly plant based. He has 2 books.

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