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I just re-installed Cronometer and was immediately reminded of why I deleted it before (even though I want to like it). In Australia and perhaps other metric countries our foods usually are not labelled with calories anywhere, just kJ. Which requires getting a calculator for every energy input.

So the very first task I went to do as a user - to add a new food - I abandoned because there was too much friction.

Am sad that there is there still no user option for metric/kilojoules. It’s a simple conversion preference, easy to implement, and users have been requesting it for years. Not having a setting for kilojoules is strange in much the same way as not having a setting for centimetres. And it’s keeping me using MyFitnessPal even though I want to ditch it for Cronometer because it has better vitamin tracking.


  • Thanks for letting us know the struggles you faced here

    We are aware that this is an issue, and hope include kJ as an energy unit soon. This has been requested by a number of other users as well, and we hope to resolve the issue and make Cronometer more inclusive worldwide, adopting different unit conventions.

    I have passed along your feedback to the team.

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  • I’ve got to say, I’m in exactly the same boat. I think I last checked in with this app over a year ago. It’s unfortunate that the delay in supporting international standards can prevent the use of what otherwise looks like a really good app.

  • Honestly -i was just about to pay up for the annual sub but have decided against it - i thought I was missing some setting having only calories - obviously not.

    This is a wonderful app and i prefer it over my fitness pal - which is boring - love the colors here - but until there are KJ - it doesnt seem worth the hassle.

    In short i am invested here - i like it - but I wont part with the cash until i can use it properly.

  • @Kazz @DMon Improving internationalization is a priority for us in the coming year. This is definitely something that is on our radar. Thanks for expressing your interest, as user feedback is what drives the decisions for change in our software.

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  • when you do it you ll have me forever

  • Can I add my voice to this? I've been using MyFitnessPal and someone recommended I check out Cronometer. It looks much better, I could absolutely see myself switching in a heartbeat - if Cronometer supported kilojoules in the display. But I'm Australian, and there's just too much friction if my tracker app shows everything in calories whilst every food label in this country is in kilojoules. :(

  • Please add Kilojoules!

  • I asked about this last year. I still live in New Zealand and would really value a kilojoule option. Please and thank you.

  • hi all,

    tx looks like a good app but like others, international metrics are a must... too much effort with a calculator..


  • Just wondering if there was any update on this? Definitely the best app I've seen apart from the kJ issue!

  • 1 kJ = 4.184 kCal - should be an easy change to make! ;)

  • Hi @Mr_F Thanks for your support - we agree its the best app ;) ...we also agree that kJ would make it even better. Hopefully we will see this change in the future!

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  • cough

    just convert on form submit. Simple math. Theres probs more to it but *whines*

  • Great app but it's unfathomable that there's not a kilojoule option. What a shame!

  • @38474929 we are one small step closer - check out our newly redesigned custom food editor. We've added in the option to enter kj for energy here, as it shows on European or Aus labels. Unfortunately we have not yet been able to tackle kj in the rest of the software yet, but it will come! We are constantly working to update our app and website for our awesome users!

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  • Wow, we have progress! thank you

  • I fully support internationalization. Glad you've been able to use kJ as an energy unit in some areas of the app. I do find it a bit ironic that the original poster framed the request as a question of metric vs. non metric units because both calories and kilo joules are based on the metric system. A calorie (cal) in chemistry is the energy needed to increase 1 g of water 1 C (1 food Calorie = 1 kcal). It is true that the exact energy to change the temperature of water varies with exact pressure and starting temperature, but this isn't the only place the metric system uses the physical properties of water (1 g water = 1 ml = 1 cm^3; water freezes at 0 C and boils at 100 C - again dependent on exact pressure).

  • I would love for KJ to be an option to toggle through. Doing maths on foods is just another layer to make it tricky. That's where My Fitness Pal wins for me. All I want is the option on the home page to see where I'm at.

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    Just adding my two cents: Putting kcal (that's kilo-calories, not calories) on food labels is optional in the EU, the kJ indication is mandatory, cannot be smaller than the kcal indication, and has to be first if both are given. The EU alone has more customers than Canada and the USA combined - and that's not even counting our friends from other countries who commented above. I am continuously amazed by platforms trying to impose 18th century measurement units on me because their countries missed the update. Over centuries, humanity developed the International System of Units to reduce confusion. This requires that we all no longer perpetuate customary units (fluid ounces, cornish sticks and, yes, calories) but that we phase them out.

  • Checking in as another potential user who loves the interface but will never use the product until kJs are added. It's been over a year since this topic was first opened, and to be frank it's mind-boggling that something so trivial hasn't been added.

  • Just adding another pretty-please for this feature :smile:
    Food labels here in New Zealand just don't have calories.

  • +1, will likely get gold once this is added.

  • Hi; just wanted to update this thread; we are currently in the Public Beta phase of implementing support for kilojoules. If you are interested in checking it out on the mobile Cronometer app, you can sign up to be a beta tester here:

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