Macros and calories don't add up

When I add up the macros, today's calorie count thus far should be 1337.7, but cronometer shows 1150.9 (I did not consume any alcohol today that might account for any type of skew). I noticed this in the last 4-5 entries.

I have the app set to count net calories, but even if I plugged in my daily fiber this far, 15.7, the number still wouldn't add up.

What is the reason for the difference?

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    The calories and the macronutrient values will be a bit off because each food is different in the actual amount of energy (calories) it contains.

    What I mean here is that you were probably taught the rule that carbs and protein are 4 kcals per gram, and fat is 9 kcals per gram. They are not. They are close but there is better data on some foods and we use that in the calculations for the macronutrients.

    For example, some carbs are 3.8, 4.1, 4.3 kcals per gram etc. Same is true for protein and fats. That is why there will be a discrepancy, when our data is more accurate then the 4-4-9 crude estimation.

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