Button on Discusssions that takes you back to Cron-O-Meter tracking

I wish the big "cronOmeter" image on the top left of the Discussions took users back to the actual Cron-O-Meter tracking app rather than to Discussions Home. A separate button for "Discussions - Home" would be more intuitive.

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  • Just click the word home in blue right underneath it

  • Yes, I know. I don't think I explained my thoughts well.

    What I'm talking about is that the "cronOmeter" logo ALSO takes you to the Discussion (aka "Forums") Home, which is not intuitive. There needs to be a quick way to get back to the cron-O-meter tracking app from the Discussion/Forums site. Right now there isn't a button/link on the Discussion/Forums site that does that.

    The logical candidate would be the cronOmeter logo at the top left of the Discussion/Forums site. This is the intuitive choice, plus it's easy from a programming standpoint because it would be a simple matter of changing the URL that the logo points to.

    Then, if they think the Discussion/Forums "Home" link needs to be more prominent than the existing blue "Home" link, add another dedicated "Home" link to the Discussion/Forums pages.

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    Hi @talkingmountain thank you for the suggestion! Depending on what web browser you are using (I use Chrome), when you access the forums from the Cronometer Help page, it will open a new tab on your browser so you can have both open at the same time!

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  • Thanks. I probably I can do the same thing (open a new tab) by right-clicking the "go to forums" link on the left of cronometer.

    But that means having yet another page to tab through (since we have migrated to google apps, everythings open on the browser and it gets really confusing and cluttered).

    So I'd still love to see a direct link to the tracking site on the forums site, so I can easily move between forums & tracking without having two tabs open.

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  • Oh, I see what you are saying. It is probably b/c the forums are a sub domain. Maybe just a link saying Main Site or Tracking or something. I use the app not the main site so didn’t realize what you meant.

  • Exactly!

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