Nighttime leg/foot cramps.

Indicates magnesium deficiency. Our body needs up to 400mg magnesium per day for 300+ activities within the body. Some of the 400 mg comes from your food. Magnesium is stored in your bones, and when you reach your body's appropriate level, your leg and foot cramps will cease. It could take several days or weeks to reach that point. Be patient.

A) Supplement morning and night with quality tablet or capsule of Magnesium Glycinate. Gentle on your system, no stomach or digestive tract upset. Reasonable price at Health Food stores.

B) And/or soak your feet for 15 mins, every 3rd day, morning or evening in Hot (NOT Scalding Hot) water with a 1/2 cup of "Epsom Salts" (Magnesium Sulphate)( Disssolves immediately). Feet and legs will likely pleasantly tingle while you are soaking.. "Epsom Salts" in 2 Kg jug available from Walmart and ShoppersDrug Mart for $9.99 CAD

Works great for me.


  • I also take Potassium Citrate. I have found I am not getting thr RDA on this and since I have started taking the leg cramps have gone. I also take Dr Carolyn Deans Picoionic magnesium and minerals but found the Potassium was what made the difference

  • Glad to see your comments. I also use 2 x 600 mg Potassium Chloride Slow-Release Tablets at night that seems to help.

  • Hello, My Chiropractor recommended that I drink a 4 ounce glass of tonic water immediately before bed, which has worked well for me. But an additional help is if I get a cramp during the evening, drinking tonic water immediately works faster than a prescription muscle relaxer! I have had those on hand in the past for my fibromyalgia. Most people I have suggested tonic water to, think it takes pretty bad, but believe me, it gets better with use! Good luck.

  • Hi CAS52. Hadn't heard about tonic water relieving a cramp, but appreciate your comment. It's in my "Future" file for the next time, although I have to agree about the
    taste problem. Apparently Gin makes it more palatable. :)
    Best Regards.

  • Try a powder supplement called CALM

  • Something else I tried for the last 3 nights: wearing a cotton T Shirt under Pjamas top stopped my foot cramps at night completely. I did not change anything else, and was
    delighted with the results. I guess that warming the body core a bit simply sent extra heat to the feet, voila, no pain. Hard to beat that. Thanks for suggestion about "CALM".
    If I still have a problem, I'll try "CALM".

  • I usually sleep with my feet out of the covers but will try keeping them "under cover". Will try tonight to see if it helps. My elderly aunt (88) suggested I keep a bar of Dove soap under the sheets but that didn't work!!! LOL!

  • In summer I sleep without socks, but in winter, I wear oversized heavy duty ones.
    The TeeShirt last night helped again. Haven't heard about Dove soap before.
    Keep trying. Don't give up. There may be something very unique for you.

  • One thing I recently learned from my fellow RDs is that having low iron levels (i.e. serum ferritin less tha 75) can be a trigger for restless legs in some people. Many sleep clinics have started treating restless legs through iron supplementation.

    Also, several of them report that tonic water can also be of benefit.

    Kind regards,

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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  • I have increased potassium to see if that will help. I looked at tonic water but too many carbs for keto. Plus we dont have any soft drink so i couldnt drink it

  • 1 T Apple Cider Vinegar in water will relieve the foot and leg cramps almost instantly- it has the minerals needed.

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    Really. Anytime of the day and can you take more than once a day please

  • Magnesium and Potassium are critical!

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