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Hi all!

I'm using cronometer since august and find it's the best app for its category. I'm just asking how many italian users are in the community and would like to share with them how do they use it with italian food. Unfortunately cronometer database does not have a lot of our dishes like pasta, for example. I'd like to know more and discuss with you about it.


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    I'm not Italian, but I cook a lot - and have three kids so lots of family style recipes - including pasta, cassaroles, etc. I use the recipe function to put my family recipes into Cronometer so they are easier to track when I make them...it's a little bit of work in the beginning to get them all in there...I just added them in as I made them, but I cook a lot so sometimes I was adding a new recipe every day. I also have my holiday recipes in there too, like my homemade dinner rolls, cornbread stuffing, pies, etc., which makes those big holiday meals a breeze to track, rather than being a stress of what am I eating and what do I track (of course that works for me because I'm always the family cook - not as easy if you are going to someone else's house - but you can compliment the cook and request the recipe and then you have it to enter in the system and will have it for future reference.

    I think this works much better than any item that might be in the system, which would be an estimate and not really be accurate for your own recipes.

    One note about the recipe builder...if you change up a recipe, you can either make a copy and adjust if you plan to use both versions or you can also just make the changes to that recipe and save and it will give you a choice to apply to past uses or not. It's all really handy and makes this the MOST functional program I've ever used because being a cook, programs that just let me look up food don't work well.

    Hope that's helpful...really explore that recipe function - its very powerful!

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    Thanks a lot for your advice! I'll use this function and let you know if it works with my dishes ;)

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