Easy food sharing...Gold or Pro?

I submitted a support request about this but figured the community might be able to provide I put/feedback. I'm considering either Gold or Pro, but not sure what I really need...

My wife and I eat mostly the same foods/meals. We want an easy way to minimize repeated entry work. With this in mind:

1) With Gold, I know we can share custom foods/meals, but my wife and I couldn't see each other's diaries, correct? This is kind of a clunky way to copy entries, it seems.

2) With a Pro account, I know I could see/edit my wife's diary (make her a 'client')...but could I copy entries between diaries? Or will I still have to enter foods individually in each diary?

Cronometer is superior to our current app (MyFitnessPal) in virtually every way EXCEPT food sharing. In MFP I can just look at my wife's diary and copy entire meals instantly, and she can do the same with me.

Thoughts? I can't even try this out because it's a paid feature. Everything else about Cronometer is wonderful!

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