Glucose chart in trends on gold andriod app

I can't make sense of what numbers the glucose chart is showing in trends. It shows a scale of 0 to 12 and glucose reading are usually taken in mmol/l and are typically in the range of 70-120ish


  • Glucose can be measured in both mmol/L as well as mg/dL and we can chart either. Make sure you select the units for the chart that you prefer.

  • Where do you do that in the andriod app?

  • On the chart, tap the settings button (gear icon) to see the options

  • I'm in trends, charts, glucose, below the glocuse label is the date range Jul 22 to Oct 19. Just to the right is the gear icon. When I click that these are the only options I see:

    Include today - checked
    Date Range Last - 3 months
    Days displayed - All
    Zoom to fit - checked

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    @steel_horses , There are two separate graphs for Glucose; One displays Nutritional Glucose (measured in grams) and the other displays Blood Glucose (Measured in mmol/L or mg/dL).
    If you are looking for a chart of Blood Glucose readings, select the Full Report Tab under Trends in your web browser, and add a Biometric Chart for Blood Glucose to measure either mmol/L or mg/dL.
    On your mobile app, select the second graph under "Charts" - This one is for Biometrics (The third one is for nutrients) - Click on the Green Button that says the Nutrient Name and if Blood Glucose is not already selected, select Blood Glucose. You can then select the units you wish to use, either mmol/L or mg/dL.

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  • Thank you both very much I see it now. Now one more question - can you print reports or charts in the android app?

  • @steel_horses not in the mobile apps, just the web version has report printing

  • I am using cronometer with great enjoyment, but I would like to know how to get a CHO total per meal (Iam having two per day). I am a T1 diabetic and need to inject before each meal, whereas the menu page just gives the daily total. I would like to use biometric tracking as much as possible, but am still sorting out the best way to input everything.

    Is there a way to get CHO data easily? In the past, I wrote out a list of the foods I ate, (which is fine, if I can't just click on something!). My current procedure is to gradually add meals as ' basic recipes' for one helping (taking note of diabetic data) and adding sides etc separately. I prepare everything from scratch, and I just love the way chronometetr ignores all the brands and goes straight for the uncooked items after I've entered them once. Its a lovely program!

  • Hello @edella

    There is diary setting that allows you to see/hide nutrient totals for each group in your diary. Using the web version, select the gear icon at the top right of your diary. Then select Diary Settings. There is a section which allows you to choose what to show in the last column of your diary, for example, Carbs or Net Carbs. Then make sure to check the box underneath which says: Show Group Totals


    Karen Stark
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  • thanks a lot! By highlighting carbs and sub totalling per meal, i pretty well smoothed out my daily BG readings to a nice line with no zig zags. VERY important if you are T1.

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