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i was just comparing 1kg Satsumas (Sainsbury's) vs 1kg Clementines (raw), wondering how the nutritional profile can be so different, when i realized that clearly the Sainsbury's satsumas can not be correct because they certainly have more than 0 (zero) Water content vs the clementines have 865.8 g water per Kg. I'm just saying that Sainsbury's Satsumas nutritional profile can not be correct.


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    Hi marielou,

    We get the nutrition information for name brand products from the package. Usually food manufacturers only report the nutrients required by law.

    Some foods have a better alternative with more nutrients marked. Our curation team is hard at work identifying products in the brand database that have generic equivalents with better data. If they’ve tagged a food as having a better alternative, we show you a handy link to the better option.

    If you search for foods in the Common Foods tab, you will be able to find generic alternatives with much more nutrient data.

    Have a look at this Blog Post for some tips and tricks to keep in mind when choosing foods!


    Karen Stark
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