Apple Shortcuts

It'd be great if the iOS app could offer shortcuts for common workflows, such as logging food.


  • Thanks for the suggestion @jclif
    You should have the new diary update. If you don't please try updating your app from the app store. If you use diary groups, you will see there is a green + button on the left side of the group header. Use this to quickly add food to your day.

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  • That's definitely helpful, thanks Hilary!

    I'd also be great to have Apple Shortcuts (, so that I could activate Siri and say something like "Log food [food item]", and have that item added to my feed without even unlocking my phone". A pie in the sky, but something that would really unlock my workflow.

  • Just another bump for the Apple Shortcuts. It was also requested in a separate thread as well.

    The best thing about Shortcuts is that we would be able to the use the NFC integration. So, I could imagine having a sticker near my protein bag or on the bottom of my watter bottle, scanning it and then having the data be added in Cronometer. Even without NFC stickers, the new home screen widgets and the Apple Watch integration would make tracking "basic foods" like protein bars or bananas way easiier then going through the app UI.

  • +1 for this.

    my dietary routine is pretty regular, and it would be great to say “Hey siri, log a coffee on Cronometer”

  • Echoing this suggestion. Would be fantastic to be able to log my common meals via siri shortcuts!

  • This would be handy for logging biomarkers like weight and the such. I log my weight every day into Crono and a shortcut would make life so much easier

  • Unsolicited advice, but I have one of those stupid smart scales that writes the weight data directly into Apple Health via Bluetooth and the scale's app. Then, whenever I open the Cronometer app, the weight value gets synced.

  • Came here looking for Shortcuts support especially now that this function/feature from Apple seems to be receiving a lot of attention and care.

  • I would also love to see a way to add entries to my diary via Siri. At the most basic level it could add / append a note so that you could go back and organize your diary entries properly later.

  • I also came here hoping to find a shortcut. It would be amazing if the devs would consider this.

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