Calorie budget says I have calories left when I don't

Not sure what is going on, but for the last few days my calorie budget has been wrong - it thinks I have 43 more calories to eat, than I have set. Everything else is showing the amount of calories that I set, so I'm not sure what I have done.


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    edited November 2019

    Hi JennyPenny,

    The Budget shown in the Calories Summary shows you the difference between your calories consumed and your calories burned, and also takes into account your weight goal (i.e. adds or subtracts additional calories for weight gain or loss). This helps you keep an eye on your energy balance for the day. In other words, are you over (calories consumed is greater than your calories burned) or do you have a caloric deficit (calories burned is greater than your calories consumed).

    If you have a custom energy target set, this will be shown in your energy target in the Macronutrient Targets area. So you can view both your custom energy target and your energy balance using these two together.

    Does that explain what you are seeing in your diary, or is there something else going on?


    Karen Stark
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    Ok that makes sense I guess. It stopped being the same as my custom energy target when I put in my new weight. I've edited my activity levels so it matches up again. It's easier for me if everything is the same.

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