Please add proper timestamps to Apple Health Sync

Currently all information is timestamped as 12:00 in Apple Health even if Gold has unlocked timestamps in Cronometer itself. Please write proper timestamps to Apple Health.


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    I am new to Cronometer and nutrition tracking in general. I was hoping that Cronometer would help me find relationships between what I eat and my performance and emotional state. I use Apple Health for everything but the nutritional tracking, and was hoping Cronometer would be the source for nutritional data in Apple Health.

    However the lack of timestamps within a day is a big gap.

    I have searched the forums and this appears to be something g that comes up every year or so, but with no resolution. Is this something that either I am missing (I.e., I have misconfigured something), or is this still missing as a product feature. Is there a commitment to address this need and use case?

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    About a week after posting this, I went ahead and bought the paid subscription to see if that solved the timestamp issue. Although the product information said that Gold added the feature of "timestamps", I interpreted that as being able to change the timestamps, not that they were included at all.

    As it turns out, Gold does indeed provide timestamps, and the ability to edit them, AND syncing with Apple Health. Issues resolved.

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