Question on tracking activity

I have Chronometer hooked up to my iPhone health and Health Mate. I personally set my BMR and TDEE numbers in Chronometer. I do not want Cronometer to add calories for workouts and steps. Is there a way to turn this off?


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    Hi jspyke52,

    Cronometer will include calories burned from exercises added to your diary, using the default settings. If you have custom energy target set, however, exercise will not affect your energy target.

    In the example below, I have a custom energy target of 2000 kcal. You can see my target in the Macronutrient targets area.

    You will still see it added to your calories burned and your calorie budget, though.

    We are looking at giving users an option to turn exclude exercise calories from their targets without having to set a custom energy target as well. Thanks for your input!


    Karen Stark
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    Perfect thank you for the help!

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