• Percent Daily Values are** based on a 2,000 calorie diet.** Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

It would be great if cronometer displays percentages based on the targets shown in Diary.

I like the European style label best because it gives the most info.
What I'm missing in the European label and do find in the American label are the carb percentages.
For those who have configured a Keto diet it would be great if the label shows net carbs.

So... what I'm requesting is, let's call it, a cronometer label. (and the ability to set it as a default)


  • Hi Krav,

    What a neat idea! This could save you some time in entering in the information that is important to you when creating a new custom food.

    We use the label formats used in different areas of the world to make it easy for users to enter the information as they see in on the food label. The %DVs on the labels don't correspond to your personal nutrient targets though. You can see how a food fits into your targets when you add it to your diary. Click on a food in your diary to see how it contributes to your nutrition.


    Karen Stark
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  • Yes I know labels have default way of displaying info.

    What I'm suggesting is best understood by looking at the European label, which has a slider to select portion or 100gr. I'm suggesting an extra slider official DV and My DV. Obviously only when looking at the label. Not when entering because my DVs have no meaning to the rest of the world.

    I do know my DVs can be found elsewhere. I'll explain why I'm requesting this personal DV. I was exploring the program and decided to look at cheeseburgers. I was amazed how well they fit in the DV. Until I added it to my Diary. Carbs went way over 100%. So I wasted a little time there.

    That brings me to another suggestion. An option slider to restrict search results to foods that fit in my DV.

  • Hi Krav,

    Thanks for explaining in more detail - I see what you mean!

    The Suggest Foods feature might help you search for foods that fit your remaining nutrient targets for the day. You can find this in the diary page on web:

    and by tapping the orange + on the mobile app.


    Karen Stark
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  • Hi @Karen_Cronometer

    I know about the Suggest Food button, but I really mean the label.

    %DV based on a 2000 calorie diet is totally useless for someone on a 750 calorie diet. Same goes for the macros. Sure I can add the food and check it out in my diary.

    But well if I wanted that I wouldn't request this feature.

    Sometimes, well always, it's best to get the most accurate info with the minimum amount of stress.


    Im shopping and scan the label to see the product will fit in my diet. Or I'm sorta forced for fastfood and want to figure out what's the least best option.

    Maybe it's still not clear what I want and why. In that case I'll happy to provide an example with numbers.

  • I really appreciate the time you are putting into learning the software and thinking about improvements - it's great to have new ideas coming in! I really love the idea of showing how a food fits into your targets before you add it to your diary.

    I try to give more general information about the current functions of the app too, I hope this give others reading the forums more information about what it can do.


    Karen Stark
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  • This is more about the usage of standatdized Daily Values in the data entry phase, but perhaps is a connected issue. It sometimes seems that the DV % on US labels can be the same as the DV in Cronometer, yet the mg or other specific values are different.

    Is Cronometer using the DV for the user's home country (assuming that Canada and the US and other countries all have some variation in their recommended DVs)?

    Wouldn't it be best for Cronometer to use mg/mcg/etc. wherever possible?

  • Hi Pangloss,

    Our curation team will use the weight of the nutrient over the %DV, where possible. You may see differences when a food company updates their product formulation. If you notice an error in the nutrients reported, we would appreciate if you would report an issue with the food. Our curation team will review it ASAP. It is important to us that we maintain an accurate database.

    The calculation for %DV depends on the label type chosen in Cronometer. Some of the %DV calculations were updated when the American 2016 label was created because a few of the nutrient targets have been updated. This label has been slowly phased in by food companies over the past few years, and some are still working on it.


    Karen Stark
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