What devices have you tried linking with Cronometer?

I am looking for one that tracks exercise. Recommendations? Experiences?


  • I used to have a fitbit which I do not recommend but it was never close to what the iphone reported as far as steps & flights. I was also wondering if you use a tracking device does it automatically import steps & flights into the cronometer app or do you still need to manually input the exercise?

  • I have a Fitbit Charge 2 that I highly recommend. The steps are accurate and it easily syncs with this site.

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  • My fitbit Ionic is working with Cronometer. Any fitbit tracker connected to the fitbit app/website should work with cronometer.

  • I have been using the exercise options in the Diary - if you use a fitbit or other tracker will it double post the exercise or would you need to use one or the other?

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    I use a Garmin Vivoactive HR for activity tracking, the exercises come into Cronometer but not the steps, really dont need to see those as I can see them on the garmin app. The one thing I dont like is that this app does not sync the calories recorded here to the Garmin. I have to use another app to get those into my fitness tracker. (I only record the total from here to there, still a pain) I also use the Nokia (Withings) body scale. the weight and fat percentages come into cronomter. I love my Garmin. Learning to love Cronometer but it is not the most "intuitive" app.

  • @ross You can set the Activity settings on your profile to account for syncing with a device. You will want to set your activity to "None" to ensure you don't double count activity. To learn more see https://cronometer.com/help/profile/#vitals

    @Quilter_Jane1 Unfortunately we do not export information to Garmin at this time. Glad to hear you are making the most out of Cronometer; let us know about features you don't find intuitive, or features you would like to see! We are always trying to make the software more user friendly!

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  • Thanks for the answer.

  • I use a Garmin Edge 500 while cycling and cronometer automatically enters the data once I upload it on the Garmin website.

  • Have you ever compared the Garmin results to the default cycling exercise listed inside the diary?

  • i go with my watch because of the heart rate function and i have it set to go off my resting heart rate. I know there is a margin of error, but I take most of the caloric readings with a grain of salt.

  • Ross, no I have not. I basically use it while riding to track my heart rate, mileage, time on the bike, that sort of stuff. As far as calories expended, I do not pay much attention to their estimates.

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