Ability to reorder ingredients in recipes

It would be really nice to be able to drag ingredients up and down to reorder them. This comes up a lot for me as I make changes to prior recipes, new ingredients are always added at the bottom of the list even though it makes sense for them to be at the top or grouped with other items.


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    I agree @drzoid ! I have added your request to our list! This would be great to help organize - we are hoping to do some updates to the custom recipes section in the future and this would be a great addition.

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    Seeing how this post is from a year and a half ago, I'm disappointed that this suggestion hasn't been implemented in the app. I, too, would love to be able to reorder the ingredient list in my recipes.

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    For real!!!

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    Original poster here. I found a workaround but I still wish they'd fixt it. Here is how it's done:

    First of all, if you are modifying an existing recipe, be sure to "Edit a Copy" so you don't screw up what you already have. Then, create your recipe as you do now with new ingredients going at the bottom. When you are done, save it with a temporary name. Go to your diary and open up tomorrow's page which will be blank. Add your complete recipe to this day, say for breakfast. Then, right click the food you just added and choose "Explode Recipe." All of your ingredients will now appear and you can reorder them by dragging them up or down as you like. Once you have it the way you want it, highlight the entire group and right click on it. Select "Create Recipe From Selected Items." This will create the recipe with the ingredients ordered properly. Now give it your final name and click "Save Changes." You can then delete the original, unordered recipe with the temp name.

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    Great workaround! Thanks for thinking outside the box. 😁

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    It looks like this request is almost 4 years old. I realize any product has a long list of feature requests in the backlog. I run software projects myself, and am sympathetic to this.

    However, as a customer, I find such a basic feature being unavailable after this many years a poor reflection on Cronometer being able to effectively prioritize the most sensible/basic/expected capabilities.

    I have so many daily use cases where I am refining recipes (I tend to use them as templates I explode and then fill in varying quantities based on what I have on hand, such as in a salad). This is unnecessarily more friction than it needs to be.

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    Almost 5 years and it still isn't implemented?

    Come on, Cronometer. This is a must feature!
    I can't count the amount of times I'm tweaking a recipe, deleting old ingredients and adding new ones, and it's seriously annoying that now the ingredients I need to add first are displayed last!

    Please let this happen.

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    I still use Cronometer daily but it has bugs. For one, meals don't work properly. There are sometimes HUGE discrepancies between what is shown on my computer and what is shown on the iPhone app. Just now, I pulled up one of my meals and the total calories displayed for the meal on my phone is 429.6. On my computer, the total calories shown is 4.3. If I "explode" the meal on the phone, it shows total calories is 4.3 and on the website, it shows the total calories is 1,591 which is the correct answer. In the exploded meal, which consists of 3 items (2 of which are recipes I've created) the serving sizes shown are 0 servings, 0 servings, and 0.32 grams. That is on the phone. On the computer, it shows 1 serving, 1 serving and 120 grams which is correct. As such, I don't recommend EVER using the meal function.

    I've given up on reporting bugs to Cronometer because it's time consuming and the bugs never seem to get fixed.

    A feature they also should implement is a timeline type of thing in case you tweak a menu or god forbid a meal and apply it to prior uses and it screws up stuff going back to who knows when. You should be able to reset your data file to before that happened. Like a daily restore point going back for 30 days, then weekly for a year, then monthly before that, or something along those lines.

    Also, yesterday, I had to find an old recipe that I had retired and there's no feature to search for those. As a workaround, I add the date to the recipe name I was able to find it because I knew when I created it and was able to go to the date I created it, highlight it in my diary, then viewed the item, then saved a new copy. Again, another workaround for a feature they should have already implemented.

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    Agreed--this would be a nice feature. Ingredients in recipes are supposed to be listed in the order they're added as you cook.

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