Water not showing for a few items

About every ingredient shows water in the Diary except:
Melkan, Amandel Drink
Verse, Halfvolle Melk


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    Hi Krav,

    Food manufacturers don't provide the amount of water in their products, so I would recommend using the closest generic equivalent instead.


    Karen Stark
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    I simply add some water to Diary.

    Still it would be great if i could add water to the product. Just my best estimate for personal use.

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    Solved. Ignore. Delete. Close. :-)

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    Lagunitas, HOP, Hoppy Sparkling Water
    Food #4902924, Data Source: CRDB 

    is a water that does not log as water

    I also notice that some white claw, such as

    White Claw, Hard Seltzer, Black Cherry
    Food #4863969, Data Source: CRDB

    which comes up when I scan it, don't log any alcohol, where as the generic unflavored

    White Claw, Hard Seltzer Food #4549636, Data Source: CRDB

    does log 14g of etoh -- but neither log any water


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