Keto settings

Can someone please explain me the Keto options?
Keto Fast, Rigorous, Moderate, Relaxed.

Yep, I've seen the numbers...
Is not every setting the best for every situation?
For example do the low proteins settings reduce muscle mass?

Is it simply a matter of preference because whatever setting I pick the max. weight loss I can configure is -0.9 kg/week.


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    Hi Krav,

    The more rigorous settings was intended for those following a therapeutic diet for epilepsy, cancer, etc. The KetoFast option is a setting for Dr. Mercola's ketogenic weight loss program. The other Keto settings give users options to see what level of carbohydrates and protein works best to get into ketosis and/or achieve their health goals. This depends on the individual, and can also depend on what stage of a ketogenic diet you are in - just starting out, trying to maintain ketosis, etc.


    Karen Stark
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    Understood. When I reach my goal or when weight loss stalls I'll experiment which setting fit my lifestyle and body best.

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