Engery and calories left don't match when using KetoFast

Energy is at 100% but still 222 calories in my budget.
This happens only when using KetoFast.


  • Hi Krav,

    How do your calories burned and calories consumed numbers look?
    Your budget will show the difference between calories consumed and calories burned, and will also take into account your weight goal, if you have one set.

    This can be different than your energy target, depending on the settings you have chosen in your profile.


    Karen Stark
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  • Because a picture says more than words...

    I never record activities.
    BTW 1: The numbers shown are not my actual intake. I kept tweaking them until Energy is 100%
    BTW 2: The numbers don't align with KetoFast but do align with all other Keto options.

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