Strange calorie discrepancy - whole wheat pita

I bought whole wheat pita at the store, and it says that it has 140 calories per piece. The bread measures about 9" in diameter with a ruler. The NCCDB lists that an extra-large whole wheat pita bread (8.5" diameter) as having 298 calories. I know the NCCDB is supposed to be more accurate. Should I just trust that one, or is the bread I have perhaps just not as thick as what they used?


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    Is this a prepackaged item? What is the net weight of each pita on the package? 1 extra large pita on NCCDB is 114g. That could be one way to figure out the issue.

    (You can find out the weight of an NCCDB item by first adding 1 extra large pita to your diary, then switching the entry unit to g or oz on the web app.)

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    That's it! It turns out the weight is 57 grams. I didn't know about the trick for changing the entry unit. Thank you!

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