Problem updating recipes of recipes

I love Cronometer but have one annoyance that's been there for years:

I make extensive use of recipes as actual recipes but also food groups, including other groups. Eg. I have a receipt called "Daily Coffee, Minerals, Probiotics, etc" that I add first to the Breakfast group in Crono Gold. This recipe contain several other recipe food groups like "Vitamins and Minerals" recipe and other nested recipes.

The problem when I want to change a low level recipe like Vitamins and Minerals. Crono just give me one popup asking if I want to update older usages and recipes. I need that in 2 questions b/c I want to update recipes not older usages. It's too much work to say no b/c the updating the lowest level recipe does not update higher level recipes that contain it. I have to go into each level and manually remove and re-add the affected recipe.

Is this an issue for everyone?


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    Hi Steverino,

    Good point! Using recipes within other recipes becomes quite complicated quickly!
    I will pass your feedback onto the team.


    Karen Stark
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    I just want 2 separate pop-up questions after editing a recipe. Do you want to change all past usages? Then do you want to change existing recipes? Problem solved.

    I should also point out that I'd like to be able to reorder the items I recipes. Sinc3 I use them for bulk groups that I add, the order is important so that I can easier drag the exploded items around to different categories

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