Amount left (remaining) of a food / grocery item / meal (recipe), auto-subtracted

edited October 2017 in Feature Requests

I've been considering this request for a while now, hope it sounds cool and a good idea :-)

What if cronometer could keep track of how much left you have of a real food item? (Ie. not necessarily a recipe you might cook again or fetch again from a big supply of the same type of items (ie. amounts of almonds, bag of oranges, cereals and cups of milks etc).

Every time after initiating this tracking / counting / subtracting / remaining function upon entering Red Bell Pepper in the search box of the Add Food menu (after checking a "keep track" box / something when having the first slice, cronometer could default the amount to what's left of your tracked / counted item on subsequent Red Bell Pepper entries OR display a note next to the amount field and add button telling you what's left of your tracked items that match the selected food item.

Does this sound like a helpful feature to anybody else? I wish for this daily...
My use cases include pricey or large veggies and fruits like peppers, cucurbits, tubes of tomato puré, bottles of lemon juice, to recipes of seeds & spice blends to recipes of bulky (ie. cook for 2-4 meals ahead) prepared meals recipes... to tins of spices (seeds, powders, etc) such as "what is left now after a variety of helpings (1ml, 1tsp, 0.5 tbsp...) over the course of a week out of for instance spice tins which tell you total in grams, not volume... to milk (try pure / no-filler almond milk for a pricey one you don't down in own helping), juice packets / bottles... to hard-to-calculate things where you rely on the weight and price entry on your receipt (ie seaweeds / kelps) while lacking a scale...

Happy pumpkin season!

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