Huawei Honor 5 Band Smart Watch Compatibility

Since Huawei is a pretty big player in fitness smart watches these days I think that Cronometer should make this a compatible device with the app.

If this was the case then I would be prepared to pay for the additional features that your app provides.

The cost of Cronometer is pretty expensive for the additional features and I think that if you made it more affordable almost ALL users would not mind paying and annual charge for the app.


  • Hi Meridius57,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback! I have added your request to for a Huawei integration.

    We are proud to offer completely customizable nutrient targets, a database that is maintained and fact-checked by our staff as well as a breadth of micronutrient information not found elsewhere. We do appreciate your perspective and hope you are happy with the wealth of information we provide with a free account.

    Our Gold subscription is on the lower end compared with our competitors and we aim to include many great features to provide value for our users. We are always updating our app as we develop new functions too!


    Karen Stark
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  • I am astonished to find that you still do not support Huawei smart watches. You just do not seem to listen to your customers in the slightest. Just like you did not listen about Garmin.

    I shall start looking for a new food tracker, I certainly will not give you any money as the functionality is too restricted.

  • Sorry to hear you have been unsatisfied with tracking your nutrition with the free version of Cronomter Luciftian.

    We would appreciate hearing what features you are looking for to help you reach your health goals.


    Karen Stark
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • Any progress with the support for Huawei devices? I really would like to be able to sync data from my fitness tracker to Cronometer.

  • Hi, any news for the integration of Huawei data?

  • Hi, I've just bought a Huawei watch and am disappointed to see that cronometer don't have the capability to add these devices given the range of other brands that are compatible already. Any news on if or when this will be accepted?

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