integration with beer rating app? / API for bulk loading?

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Have you ever thought of integrating with a beer rating app?

I the meanwhile, I've done some calculations of per ounce nutrition estimates for beer

you can check my work, assumptions, and citations here:

Is there a way I can bulk load this so I can have listings for like "beer, 6.5% ABV" and just enter the ounces I drank? Or, do I have to do data entry?

Thanks for any advice or feedback you might have -- bct


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    Great work bct!

    It would be nice to have more specific options when adding beer to your diary. Unfortunately, we don't have a way to bulk import your values. At this time, creating custom foods with the information you have calculated is the way to go.


    Karen Stark
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    Thank you so much for that data, bct! I just started using Cronometer, and I need to add craft beer by ABV. I was able to start with the official "Beer, Bitter, Strong (>5% ABV)" entry, edit a copy and put in your chart values for kcal, alcohol (Eoth) grams, water g and Total g. I note that your chart values are approximately per 1 fluid oz (30g). I kept the detailed nutrients from the official "Beer, Bitter, Strong) entry without scaling as a rough estimate of the micronutrients. Your post was so helpful! :)

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