Net carbs

I entered a new food in the European label.
Per 100gr
6.4gr carbs
4.9gr fiber

That's 1.5gr net carbs, but in Diary it shows as 6.4gr under the header Net carbs.
I'm doing Keto.

From a food that's already in Cronometer.
Green Peas, Cooked from Frozen - 100gr
15.6gr carbs
7.2gr fiber

That's 8.4gr net fiber. Diary shows 9.4gr


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    I came to ask a question about net carbs, but part of what I have found may help to partially answer your question.

    "European and Australian nutrition labels list carbohydrates as net carbs, and have a separate fiber value."

    So the first question, it's seems to be getting the net carbs correctly. Your second question I will leave to the experts.

    My related question "how does it know?" About 90% of the time I photograph a European label, cronometer makes no sense of it at all (the other 10% it populates sugar from the wrong column and no other fields). So how does it know whether I am entering European data or USA?

    (I have other related question, but I will leave them until these ones are answered)

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    That's clear. Thanks.
    So I have to look very careful at the format of the label, because I think imported foods may have the label of the country of origin. Lot's of products don't have a real label but just a long line with info. Or a label that doesn't even resemeble the official ones. I buy stuff at an Asian supermarket and often there is Chinese, Thai, etc on the package. A little sticker on it with nutrients. Not sure but quite likely a translation from a label from the country of origin.
    On the other hand, are there any American food products sold in Europe or more correctly, EU? :smiley:https://foodbabe.com/food-in-america-compared-to-the-u-k-why-is-it-so-different/

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    I am in the UK, and also go to Asian supermarkets. I am as sure as I can be (without actually knowing :tongue:) that the stuck on labels are there to conform to European labeling laws.

    I believe it's ok to use a linear format if there is not enough space on the package for the table. The data should be the same in either case.

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    Hi there!

    The software uses the label type you have chosen. if you are using the website:

    On the mobile app, it will use the American label type. We are working on optimizing the auto-fill feature for European label types as well, and will include the option to choose your type of label in a future release.


    Karen Stark
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    edited December 2019

    It's all clear now Karen. I never use American labels so I never noticed the net carb difference.

    I would like to add that European labels sometimes* have an extra column that's similar to the American one.
    *= I think there is a slow increase of the percentage of labels with the extra column.
    Ideal I would say because 100gr makes it easy to compare foods. Serving makes it easy to know how much is in one cookie. That way I don't have to use the scales to figure that out.

    That extra column contains a serving.

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