Fitbit Activity discrepancy

Please see attached.. Fitbit shows 45 minutes activity with 1064 calories burned, Cronometer shows 45 minutes activity with 439 calories burned.


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    Fitbit shows both your BMR and your calories burned by exercise. On that line Cronometer only shows exercise calories. Tap on the "Burned" graph at the top for the breakdown. There'll likely be a small discrepancy still, but it's basically going to be the same.

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    Hi fallwalker,

    I'm wondering what your activity level setting are? You can check in your Settings under Profile.

    If you have an activity tracker linked to your account, we recommend setting your activity level to none. If you have a higher activity level settings selected, Cronometer will try to be smart about the calories imported from your activity tracker. Since you can't be doing two types of activity at the same time, the software subtracts your activity calories equal to the amount of time imported from Fitbit so that exercise calories are not double-counted.


    Karen Stark
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