Profile > Charts: Add "Days over x calories" besides Completed, Non-Empty?


I rarely ever mark days as complete (maybe I should make it a habit).
I too often have non-empty days which were less than half of what I actually ate or nothing like it in cases of checking something against cronometer for curiosity of nutrition content.

To make the charts more reliable, if I could select (besides for instance Non-empty Days) something like "Days over x kcal" or "Days meeting calory goal" aka "Days >= 100% calory goal" or "Days >= 100% of goals" then these half-logged days could be filtered out of the Chart and only non-emtpy and >= 100% goals (or custom specified %), marked or not marked as complete would be used in the generated charts / graphs. =)

How does such a feature sound? Seems easy to implement?

Best wishes!


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