Bluetooth Kitchen Scale that works with Cronometer?

Hi All,

I didn't see this question asked on the forum. I have a loved one who uses Cronometer and wanted to buy them a kitchen scale that could sync with Cronometer. They have an android phone. Does anyone know of such thing?

Thank you!


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    Hi Oliver755,

    This would be amazing! We don't have such a thing - but that really would be next level in terms of streamlining your nutrition tracking! I will pass along your request to the team.


    Karen Stark
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    I second that :)

    Having the ability to ship weighted products to cronometer when weighing them with something such as http://www.vesync.com/esn00 would be so huge!

    This example (VeSync) allows you to log what you weight in their own diary, but from what I can see, this is the only logging capability they provide. What would be great is being able to send a weighted item either to your cronometer diary or to add it as an ingredient to a cronometer recipe :) I suppose that apart from the pure communication side (these smartfoodscale apps could maybe post things to a cronometer web API rather than having to deal directly with the app?), one of the main problems would be to be on the same page in terms of the actual product that is being weighted, probably by using some nrdb/usda/etc code or creating new cronometer food on the fly (without bloating your custom foods - slightly related to https://forums.cronometer.com/discussion/comment/10412)...

    Then convincing these smart-food-scale-app vendors to integrate with cronometer is another thing :)

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    I would LOVE to see this feature implemented! As a software engineer myself, though, I know it would be a monumental effort! :D

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    This would be amazing!

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    Hmmmmm. Can't reply to comments here. Oh well.

    This would be a really large work effort for very little gain. EXCEPTIONS: 1) among users who are among the least sophisticated. Maybe that's 90% of cronometer users, but what proportion of paying users would value this?

    2) My biggest issue with weights is when I weigh 3 things and have to remember each of those weights for when I sit down at cronometer in a browser that evening to enter that data - I don't write things down on paper and I don't update cronometer on a phone real-time, it's too slow when you're cooking :-)

    Maybe this is another use case for you!?

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