Food added to custom foods and marked as favorite does not appear in add food

I added a custom food in cronometer and even clicked to mark it as a favorite so that it was easy to locate. However, when I go into the diary part of the program and click to add a food it is no where to be found. When I go to create a recipe and add that same food I can not find it there either. But if I go back to Foods > Custom Foods it is in fact listed there. Why isn't it showing up in the add foods section of the diary or when creating a recipe?
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  • Hi @LMH thanks for reaching out. I tried to reproduce this issue, however it seems to work for me. Can I ask, what tab you had selected when searching for the food in the diary? Were you searching for the food on the website or the mobile version?

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  • I have had the same problem this evening. The food is in a recipe I just created and the food has a yellow star, but in searching it is not on any list. Why? I have not had this problem before. I used the scanner on my phone as before on other ingredients.

  • Hi SageMyst,

    Thanks for reporting this. We have updated these foods and they should now appear in your Favorites again.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

    Karen Stark
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    No. The bread is not restored. I've had to enter manually into custom to have many of the food we eat. The scanner is not entering foods into favorites.

  • My husband and I are also having trouble with missing entries in our favorites that were originally scanned in from product barcodes. I use the web version, he uses mobile.

    I checked on a custom recipe that used one of the missing favorites and noticed it was still listed as an ingredient, but it was no longer starred when I looked at the ingredient separately. I starred it once again as a favorite but when I went back to my diary and tried to enter it, the item was not in my favorites.

    I logged out of cronometer and back in, hoping that some sort of database magic would restore things to normal but it didn't help. Hope this gives you information that helps. Thanks!

  • Same problem here with Favorites and Scanner. In fact this morning I found an entry on my Favorites that I never entered and I don't even know what it is.

    When the heck is this going to be fixed???

  • We're fixing it in the next release! I'll leave a message when it's been approved by the App Store/Google Play Store.

    Karen Stark
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