Time tracking for those fasting

I would love to see a place to track what time I eat for the first time in the morning and last time at night. Maybe a drop-down menu? I think it would help me compress my eating, maybe have my first meal a little later in the day and my last meal a little earlier at night. I know I could put it in notes, but I'd love to be able to see it in a report or even as a goal to hit like a nutrient goal.


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    Hi @EllieC ,
    As a Gold Member, you have access to Diary Groups. On your diary page, select the gear icon in the top right corner, and select diary settings from the drop down menu. Select "Show Groups in Diary" in the Pop up Window. I would suggest for your purposes that you change the names of the groups to reflect your meals, and have the first and last groups labeled to reflect first and last meal times that you would like to use.

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    Hi, Hilary,

    Thanks for this idea. I'll try it. Seeing as how I tend to eat at different times, I would love to have a way to mark it that could be charted. So I could get a "You fasted 14 hours for 8 days in a row!" sort of statistic.

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