TrainingPeaks status?

Any updates on TrainingPeaks potential inegration? Garmin?


  • Hello, We do not have any current plans to integrate with training peaks. This is however one of our top requests, so is certainly on our radar. We do currently import data from Garmin to however do not export to Garmin.

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  • Hi, is there a way we can vote for feature requests? I would also really like to see Cronometer integrated with Training Peaks. It's a far superior tool than MFP.

  • Hi mitchell_niki

    We are keeping a count when you chime in here.
    Thanks for your feedback!


    Karen Stark
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  • Another vote for Training Peaks integration please. I'm a new Chronometer user and I have to say that it's a million times better than MFP for managing nutrition intake when training. I love the fact that the data is verified and it's easy to see breakdowns for macros.

  • Consider this another upvote for TrainingPeaks integration! :)

  • Yes. Please integrate with Training Peaks.

  • YES, I agree PLEASE create a link to TrainingPeaks then I wouldn't have the manually write out my training nutrition for my coach as it is a PIA but I prefer Cronometer to myFitnessPal.

  • This is needed. MFP is a clusterf* of an interface mess and I’ve found Cronometer to be a HUGE improvement... but TrainingPeaks is the central repository of data for many athletes and this is needed as an API integration for our nutrition data... ESPECIALLY since it’s more reliable data than competitors.

    This is a make or break feature for many athletes trying to avoid tedious daily manual entry.

  • Yes please add TrainingPeaks integration. Cronometer is more precise and is much better in tracking nutrients than MFP. But we also like to see the correlation (if any) between what we eat and how we feel and train and race. This is possible and used in trainingpeaks/wko5 to optimize individual training. So if you can add the integration.

  • Even Pro's are using MFP due to its integration with TP. Your missing a fantastic opportunity by not adding that functionality.

  • Is it going forward? Looks like people ask for it but nothing is processed. I guess it's not that simple but that would be awesome if something could be done to connect these two apps.

  • Another vote/plea for this! It would be amazing if there was a TP integration!

  • I would also love this feature. I stepped away from cronometer so my coach could see my nutrition data and MFP is hot garbage. I struggle to trust the information its generating.

  • Integration with Training Peaks would be excellent. I switched from MFP but I would go with another food tracker if they had TP integration, so please add ASAP! Thanks. :-)

  • Please please do.... currently signing up with MFP as I’m ultra distance runn8ng and need the insights! Much prefer this and would sign up in a heartbeat if it could sync to garmin OR TRaining peaks.... thousands other too I think!

  • Also know of coaches waiting for this... fumbling around with mfp rubbish

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    There may be a workaround. Right now I have to load fat, carbs, protein and alcohol macros in MFP, then go to the process of guessing the grams until I get a calories match. That will post macros to TP via Garmin Connect, but is very cumbersome.

    Another option is: It appears that Cronometer only exports calories to fitbit. Fitbit apparently syncs with MFP. Now if I can just figure out how to get everything talking, this tortuous path might just work has anyone had any success with this? Too bad it takes routing through multiple apps to get there.

  • It's surprising there's still no integration with TrainingPeaks. I'm stuck on MyFitnessPal exclusively for this reason. Cronometer is clearly the superior product, but I can't use it! Is this integration such a huge technical effort?

  • Thanks for your kind words of support and your feedback. Integrations require a lot of research, sometimes negotiations, technical and support staff resources to complete, as well as ongoing maintenance. That is not to say that it's not a worthwhile endeavour - we would love to do it all! :)

    Karen Stark
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  • I remember I started using cronometer for a while but moved to MFP due to integration with Training Peaks.. Thought I'd come back and see the current state of play. 3 years later and still no Training Peaks sync option. Oh well, maybe I'll come back in another 3 years and see where you are. Shame really

  • please please please for the integration with TrainingPeaks. Just seems you are SO missing your target audience. Dedicated athletes that really care about all the nutrition insights you give in a FAR superior way to MFP. But everyone uses that option since it integrates.

  • Just another voice to this choir. I'm not even considering moving from the POS MFP to this one (although it looks really amazing) because it lacks the integration. Either integrate or fail athletes. It's simple.

  • Another vote for TrainingPeaks integration. It looks like this has been a highly requested feature for many years, but still no movement. I recently signed up for a premium subscription to Cronometer. Not having TP integration is a serious limitation and I'm not starting to regret this purchase.

  • I am shocked that you’ve taken a business perspective that integrating Training Peaks is not worth while. The ROI on API integration and getting 100s of thousands of athletes to pay for Gold subscription would be astronomical and a no brainer. The fact that this integration has been requested for years shows that you intend to not integrate with TP, ever. Unfortunate, considering you offer such a great product. Especially given that MFP now requires membership to scan barcodes. You have people begging you to pay you money and yet you refuse! What kind of a business model is that?

  • Another vote for TP integration. Love the look of Cronometer but won’t move from MFP until TP integration is an option I’m afraid.

  • Any news on TP integration? (It's this thread even really being monitored at this point?) Im evaluating the app and love it compared to MFP, BUT the fact it does not export to either training peaks or Garmin Connect is a deal breaker.



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    Echoing Chris_k here. We're all here waiting in the bleachers for Cronometer to finally care about those who really care about nutrition (we kinda share that in common). Seems awful strange that you all would just leave us hanging for going on 3+ years? What right looks like here is you guys integrate with TrainingPeaks. Then a ton of athletes (myself included) would finally have an option other than MyFitPal. Invest in us and we'll invest in you all. It's win win. The only loss if you continue ignoring this issue is every athlete who comes across this via a simple Google Search leaves with a palm mark on their forehead and disdain for your company.

  • Echoing the sentiment from above. TrainingPeaks doesnt let me add macros as a daily metric (and then report on it), it only has that capability when the macros are pulled in from an app connection like MFP.

    Nevermind, Cronometer is connected to Apple Health, and Apple health is connected to TP, so it should sync my macros through, right? Wrong, it doesnt pull macros from Health (neither sleep, which is very annoying).
    OK fine, I'll use Cronometer as my daily app, and then quick-add my macros in MFP! Wrong again, quick add macro is now a premium feature.
    I have to create a Fat, Protein, and Carb custom food, and copy my macros over from Cronometer...

    I would subscribe to gold with the speed of light, if you had a TP integration.

  • Another vote to have Cronometer (a superior product to MFP in pretty much all aspects, IMO) integrated to TrainingPeaks. ;)

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