problem with mobile login

Just downloaded the mobile app (android) and can't login. While it will allow me to input a password, the email field won't allow any input. I deleted the app and reinstalled. Same problem. Has any had this problem? Fixed it?


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    I have not been able to log in either for two days. If I uninstall I will lose all my data it says...I guess I should just switch to a different app. This happens frequently with this app!!

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    You won't lose your data, you will just lose the local data on your phone. Everything is stored on cronometer.com.

    Sounds like a real bug, which hopefully will be fixed soon - cronometer staff will be able to confirm. A workaround would be to log into the website via your mobile browser. It's a bit cludgy and you can't scan barcodes, but it's quite usable in the short term.

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    @pat2003 and @KB2019goals could you please email support@cronometer.com with details and screenshots about this issue. We would like to look into it right away, and may need to look into details associated with your specific account.

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