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Is there a way I can download some or all of my data? I want to import into excel and use pivot tables, etc. to analyze and chart my data.

Even less than that, I can't even copy/paste (mac and android) the items I ate in a day, to show a friend. All I could actually do would be to take a screen shot. This is kind of lame -- hoping I am just missing some "download" button.

Fitbit allows you to dowload as file, but you do have to pay extra. I am already gold member.

Please help!


  • OK. I think I figured out how to copy, which is pretty weird. Command, mouse-button-down, and then just keep trying to reposition the mouse until you can finally select some data.

  • @billco If you would like to download your data to play around with, go to the Profile tab. Select the gear icon under Account Information and select Export. Choose the date range you would like, and then select Export Servings. Have fun with your data!

    Karen Stark
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