I don't understand the "activity level" part?

Hi, I only began on the 15th of Jan this year.

I don't understand the "activity level" part. I did more excercise today than yesterday, ALOT more, and yet my activity level is only 7% but yesterday it was 10%?

This makes no sense. Can anyone explain what this means? Thank you.


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    This is on the "burned" chart on the main page, I forgot to include. Thanks.

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    Hi @Nobody the percent you are referring to is the percent contributed from set activity level to the total number of calories burned that day; so, the more activity you do, the less impact your activity level will have on your total calories burned.
    Your activity level is set in your settings tab in order to estimate your general activity throughout the day.

    You can set your activity level on your profile tab based on how you would like to track your activity. You can do this a couple of ways.
    You can:

    • Estimate your activity level and exercise: Choose the most appropriate level that we have listed for ALL your daily activities
    • Log your activity level separately: Use our activity library to manually log the exercise you do by selecting the "Add Exercise" button at the top of the diary.
    • Use an activity tracker: This is the most accurate and arguably the easiest way to log your activity. Sync your wearable activity tracker to Cronometer in the profile tab of your account (Scroll down to devices) to view the different types of wearables that we support. If you wear your device all day, set your activity level to "None" as your device will import the appropriate number of calories for daily burned and separate activities. If you only wear your device for exercising, set your activity level to "Sedentary".

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    edited March 2023

    I'm using a Whoop 4.0, which I wear 24/7, and I initially set my activity level to very active since I exercise almost every day (sometimes multiple sessions). It was only a week after starting to use Cronometer that I started to question its calorie requirements and found the manual, which still wasn't clear, and found this forum thread.

    It would probably help a lot of people to have better in-app instructions for what activity level should be set to. It's not clear what you should set your activity level to in the app or even from the manual (if someone finds that). Descriptions of when each setting should be used should be included in the app. Additionally, it would be helpful if it default selected the correct one based on your device connection.

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