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I am 29, plant-based and work out daily (I take a break while on my period). I mostly struggle with eating in moderation.

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  • Hello😀 I am vegan. And I am having trouble losing weight. I just turn 30 this year welcome to the community!!

  • Eating in moderation...My hell too, I'm a binge eater. Doing intermittent fasting has helped (I do a 16 hour fast and an 8 hour eating window) and have cut out snacking, save for a banana or blueberries occasionally.

  • My BEST advice when it comes to weight loss is cliche... You have to find an approach that you can do for the rest of your life.

    What's worked for me is:

    • eating an unprocessed plant-based diet 80-90% of the time (the other 10% is for "fun foods" and restaurants)
    • be mindful of my indulgences
    • cook from scratch and limit restaurants
    • eat high protein and high fibre
    • exercise at least 5x per week by doing as many different activities as possible. Right now, I'm really into obstacle course racing and playing ultimate frisbee. But I also snowboard, dance, weight-lift, ski, swim, hike, and do yoga (I'm a little ADD).

    Best of luck to you all!

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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  • Transitioned this January via Veganuary from being a fat vegetarian to an ethical vegan on a mission to shift the blubber. Trying to tread lightly on the earth is a bit of a challenge when you're lumbering around like a ton of potatoes. :D

    Cronometer motivates me to stick to a 500-cal deficit because it's so INTERESTING! I love finding out what the nutrients are, and playing with a dinner recipe to make it fit the remaining calorie allowance. Making everything from scratch and eating an almost totally unprocessed plant-based diet suits me very well, and have already lost more weight than expected in less than a week since joining, but want to lose it slowly. Exercise will step up once my knees aren't carrying around so much extra weight (am 66 and arthritic) and the future looks good!

    My skin looks fresh and clear, I'm not as creaky, and even some of my wrinkles are fading. Astonishing side effects of being vegan! :p

    So glad I found this site!

  • So glad I found this site too! I lost 40 lbs on WW but don't want to keep spending the $20/mo when I can get what I need with Cronometer. I love Cronometer! I've also committed to an unprocessed, plant-based vegan diet. Hopefully I can keep losing with Cronometer alone, without WW.

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    Yes, it's great that Cronometer has a free option too - means that being able to chart weight loss intelligently is open to everyone, no matter their income. <3 Well done on losing 40 lbs - what a great achievement!

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