I am a fat vegan 😂

Hello😀 everyone, my name is Maria and I went vegan in February 2018. I’ve been through a lot of things when it comes to eating. I wanted to ask. How do you really lose weight? I eat a variety of thing but I’ve read that by eating too much tofu or soy in general you can be consuming too much estrogen which makes you gain weight and have problems to conceive a baby.

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  • The definition of diet is simply "The way a person eats". The science of weightloss is not at all complex, when we consume more energy (kcal) than we burn that energy is stored as fat. In order to get rid of the extra fat in storage we must burn more energy than we consume. Its easier said than done. All weightloss diets share a common truth, no matter the way in which they dictate we eat, they all rely on us burning more calories than we consume. Thus our body is forced to use the fat we have in reserve for energy. You need to calculate your BMR, which can be done on Cronometer. This is the amount of energy your body needs to survive, the minimum amount of energy your body needs for activities such as breathing and organ function. Depending on activity level people need more. This is the baseline for creating your calorie goals, deciding upon a deficit. The higher the deficit the more weight you will lose at a quicker pace.
    Every thing else is inconsequential to weightloss. You can be vegan, keto, ww, Mediterranean. All of that is just how a person acquires their nutrients. But for every nutrient digested comes a number of calories.
    Questions about estrogen and how soy alters it, if you are trying to conceive those are things that should be discussed with your doctor.

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