Are the Macronutrient Targets on the Diary Page Impacted by Exercise?

Referring to the Macronutrient Target section on the Diary page and using protein as an example: On days that include no exercise, the denominator is always 57.4g of protein. But on days that include exercise, the denominator varies. The denominator could be 83.4g on one exercise day and 91.5g on a different day. So, the denominator seems to be impacted by exercise; the calories burned. What does this mean?

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    If you have set your targets using dynamic Macronutrient ratios, your energy target will vary based on your exercise. You can also set fixed (Defined by grams) Macronutrient targets which will not vary, although you can see a "net" value based on exercise in the macronutrient breakdown graphic.


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